Jonny Lewis


JUST FINISHED:  “The Finger on the Button”

A 2-minute short aimed at Sundance and the other top festivals: The president orders a nuclear strike at SOUTH Korea, then is afraid to admit he made a mistake. (He was looking at the map upside down.)


A slapstick comedy feature film about an indie film shoot that goes horribly wrong.

I am a multi-award-winning actor, screenwriter, and director with experience on stage and screen in New York and Los Angeles. Since 2016 three of my short films have appeared in over 100 festivals. In 2014, I returned to Michigan to look after my mother, who is now 94. In late 2017 I finished shooting a series of 8 short comedic antiwar films in Los Angeles. I am now writing feature-length scripts, having completed one. I am the Animation Curator for the New York Independent Film Festival for 2019 and 2020, and on March 19 of this year (2019) I did my first standup comedy gig, at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle (where Tim Allen got his start). My hobby is languages. I can converse in five, and am working hard to make Japanese the sixth.


Maybe one day there will be a Langhorne or a Twainie award, and you will deservedly win.

Art Dorland, Veterans for Peace, Cleveland chapter

Your work is vital to the movement!

Will Griffin, past VFP national board member, publisher of “The Peace Report”

I saw your “Truth in Recruiting” video. So funny, and so true!”

Adam Dowd, Veterans for Peace, Chicago chapter

Your videos are excellent! I’ve posted several on the Chicago VFP DeMil Facebook page.

Arny Stieber, Veterans for Peace, Chicago chapter