A Comedy Feature Film In Idaho by Jonny Lewis

This is a film about two foster kids, a boy and a girl, and we’ll shoot it in Idaho. Since I don’t know anything about the subject, I’ll rely on ideas from people who do. But also, this is simply a story of four people who just never got the love they needed in life, and how they deal with that. Sometimes rebelling, sometimes trying to control others, in ways either upfront or sneaky, but always—underneath—needing love, and trying to fulfill that need. In other words: like most of us.

Why This Film is a Comedy, Not a Drama

It would be easy to make a film that says “Look how bad this problem is.” But it’s my intention to create an uplifting film. Through comedy, I believe we can open people’s hearts and minds by making them laugh, and show a scenario of “Yes, there are problems, but there’s hope if we try together.” After all, isn’t that what life in general is about?