Mojave Viper is the name of a Marine training base in the Mojave Desert in California. It is also the location for a TV series I’m writing.  Just as the 1970s TV show M*A*S*H used the Korean War as a metaphor for the Vietnam War, Mojave Viper will use the Marine training base as a metaphor for our current wars. Like M*A*S*H, “MV” will be a comedy, though probably a little darker and more absurdist in tone.

However, there will also be a lot of action, since, at Mojave Viper:
Live fire exercises, artillery, tank, and close air support training are used for training, in addition to the sprawling “Combat Town,” a 2-acre (8,100 m2) fabricated Middle Eastern village, complete with a mosque, native role-players, an “IED Alley,” and other immersive touches. (source: Wikipedia)

We have several military and civilian technical advisors and story consultants, including:

  • A woman with 8 years of experience as a civilian role-player at the base.
  • Several veterans deployed to Iraq, including the company commander of the unit that was stationed at Mojave Viper the longest (through a screwup by the higher-ups).
  • Several Iraqis, including a journalist, a human rights worker, and others who worked with and became friends with U.S. troops in Iraq.

Furthermore, we invite input from military and civilian participants of the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts, or any other war, through our Anonymous Story Upload Portal.

The aim of the series is to entertain, while also showing the true nature of war and its effects on both civilian populations and soldiers.