On March 19, 2019 I did my very first standup comedy gig at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle in Royal Oak, Michigan. (Where Tim Allen got his start.) I was delighted when the audience laughed at almost every joke. Several times I had to wait for the laughter to die down before I could begin my next joke. They even laughed on some setup lines lines, not just punchlines. After the show, one woman told me she laughed so hard she cried. I don’t plan to do standup as anything more than a hobby, but I do plan to get up on stage in New York and L.A. when I have the chance. To watch the video, you’ll have to ask me for the PASSWORD.

I followed this by doing open mic at the Comedy Castle two weeks later. A guy who saw me at my first gig invited me to perform at a show in Brighton, Michigan, but I’ll be at French Camp in Qu├ębec that week. I plan to do standup here and there in SE Michigan, but my main focus these days is on writing and preproduction for my first feature film The Horror!, to be shot in LA early 202.